The Band
Mark Alan Kasia and Anabel
MARK..... Lead Singer, acoustic and electric guitar, covers vocals of Waters and Gilmore, It has been said the Marks vocals bring out the best of both the Waters and Gilmore era. Reviews have suggested that he sounds remarkably like the real thing.

VICTOR....Bass...Top class bass player, using a combination of boss pedals, musicman stingray bass, Trace Elliot head and cab. Victor nails the Waters signiture sounds, and looks a little like him too!!

ALAN NO 2.... Saxplayer and brilliant all round bloke, has been in from the onset of us gigging and has gained a reputation within the band as the one most likely to gain success through normality, which says alot about the rest of us, well known on the scene, again another player who has the Floyd within and just wants to let it out.

ALAN NO 1.... Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar. Alan played the scene in the 80s and early ninties but stopped playing as work and family life took hold, but after a chance meeting with Mark and a couple of gigs in Marks band The Lost Legends, Alan found the hunger to play again and ever since has been a pure revelation, with Gilmore tone all over his sound. Alan uses a Gibson Les Paul 59, Fender Strat 1975 Customised, Ibanez Classical Guitar. Amps Fender Twin Blonde 1963, Fender  Bandmaster 1961, Pedals Include Boss RT20 Rotary, Boss CE3 Compressor, Ibanez TS808 Screamer !!!

Karen and Hannah..... Vocals, Complimenting the band, their silky vocal harmonies give richness and dept to the soaring vocals of the Floyd sound. They are both exceptionally talentend in their own rite and have added greatly to the Floyd experience. Mick....Keyboards....On the cover scene since the early 90s. A big fan of early synthesizers, vintage keyboards and sound fx. This led him to the sound of Floyd and the desire to recreate it. Mick uses a Nord stage II (classic keyboard emulator) and Korg Kronos synthesizer.
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